Rememberances of Nairobi

We have been back in the Sandbox for almost 3 weeks yet Nairobi seems so far away. We were very motivated to return to the Sandbox and feel renewed in working through establishing ourselves here. As noted the kids have started going to a local Sandbox preschool, and, while challenging, the environment seems positive and supportive. As there is no English spoken it will take some time for them to adjust, both emotionally and physically, and we pray that we can help them in all ways possible to make the transition. We continue with Arabic study and are looking for more permanent housing (ideally near the preschool so that we can continue to walk to it) and a car (we are close to purchasing a used Toyota Corolla).

Personally, as I stepped off the plane from Nairobi into the hot, humid conditions (it is rainy season here) I felt thrilled to be back. There was a certain welling up of pride in calling this my home even though we still live very fragilely day to day as frail newcomers in a world completely different from that which we have known in the past.

Here are a few photos from our Nairobi time that I thought you might enjoy.

Visiting the Elephant Orphanage:


Visiting the Giraffe Park:


Running down a hill together at the golf course behind our house:


The Engineer on the Golf Course:


The Dreamer on the Golf Course: