A Trip to the Sandbox Mountains

Our teammates (and good friends!) were able to take a trip to the Sandbox Mountains earlier this year.  The Sandbox Mountains are straddled between the Sandbox and the South Sandbox in a very rugged area.  Due to the difficult terrain and other circumstances, over time many different languages have developed here.  It is an important area for us as many of the translation teams we work with are from the Sandbox Mountains.

We have not traveled here, so it has been a “treat” for us to see some of these photos that give a vivid picture of the land and the people living there.  In the future it is quite likely Mr. Rikshaw will travel to this area as we plan for the possibility of setting up remote computing locations in this area.

Click on the photo below to open up the image gallery. Then, use the right arrow on the side of the opened image (or your keyboard’s right arrow key) to go forward.