Wedding pictures

Last week we attended a wedding that STARTED at 9:30 p.m. Late at night is the popular time to socialize (even with small children) here, since the day time is so hot, but we haven’t been able to adapt to that well so it definitely felt late for us. We got dressed up as fancy as we could. (not nearly fancy as the other women, though; they really go all-out here with fancy “tobes” (or traditional dresses) and henna and high-heels and lots of make-up. I’ve never been a dressy-kind of person myself – the fanciest shoes I own are the Birkenstocks that haven’t been worn out yet – but I was thinking I’m going to have to break down and buy some heels and what-not for these occasions.)


The actual wedding was the last of about four or five large wedding-related parties spread over a few months, starting with the large, catered, D.J.’d engagement party that they held on their rooftop, with live “video-coverage” on screens mounted up high. On this evening for the wedding (of the daughter of the family that lives across the street from us), it was bigger and fancier, mostly a sit-down dinner with a dance, and we were told there were about a thousand people in attendance.