Making Technology Accessible

a-rMr. Rikshaw has always had a passion for empowering local computer users so that they can more effectively bring God’s word to their own people. With limitations in educational background, resources, etc., the challenges for these users are often debilitating.

In January, Mr. Rikshaw had the chance to attend an IT conference in Kenya, where he gathered with IT colleagues from our organization that are working all over Africa. Among other things, he was able to present some of the work he has been doing with the Linux-based operating system (Wasta-Linux) he adapted for language development and translation work. He got some great feedback from several IT colleagues that have been using it in their respective countries, and he was able to guide several others who wanted to start using it. It was great to see how his work is benefiting others, not just in the Hilltop and the Sandbox but in many other countries as well.

(pictured: Mr. Rikshaw was thrilled to spend some time with our IT colleague from the Sandbox, who was also able to attend.)