African Ingenuity

We’re always impressed by the creative ways our local friends find solutions to situations that would usually be deemed “impossible” in our native country.

While running around the government offices to get my local driver’s license, I developed a good relationship with the taxi driver that was helping me with the process.  I certainly couldn’t have gotten through the process without him!

After finishing in one of the offices, we headed back to his car in the parking lot to leave. When we got there, he noticed a big problem: someone had parked so close to his driver’s side door that he couldn’t possibly open it. There was plenty of space on the passenger side of the car, but as it turns out, both of his passenger doors were a bit broken and could not be opened from the outside. His trunk did not open from the outside either. So, there was no way he could get inside his car until the car next to him moved, which could take several hours, for all we knew.

Never fear, though: enter African ingenuity! My driver friend called over a few others that were milling around and together the 5 of us lifted his car and carried it over 2 feet, allowing him to access his driver’s side door. Away we went, on to the next office!

The taxi driver and his car

The taxi driver and his car